Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PACFI, Burke P. Bear, Burke's Tour, and the Million Dollar Bear Campaign.

Who is Burke P. Bear?
Burke P. Bear, a 14 inch bean bag teddy bear made by The Boyds Collection in 1997, was named after our son,
Burke P. Derr. Burke was a spirited Pennsylvania teenager who was a teddy bear collector, computer whiz,
honor student and sports enthusiast who died due to Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in June of 1997. Burke was voted
“Most Spirited” by his 1996 high school graduating class. The Boyds Collection re-issued a special 10th anniversary
edition of Burke P. Bear in January, 2007.

What is the "Million $ Bear" Campaign?
The “Million Dollar Bear” campaign, formed in honor of Burke and in honor/memory of all people with CF,
is designed to create an awareness of CF among millions of people and to also raise millions of dollars for
CF research projects. The campaign has already touched the hearts of millions of people all over the world
and has raised over $350,000 for CF research.

What is "Burke's Tour"?
“Burke’s Tour, as a major part of the campaign, features Burke P. Bear traveling to each state,
Canadian province, and world countries through a series of hosts. Each host encourages donations
and takes Burke to visit hospitals, schools, and/or businesses. The traveling teddy has his own line
of “Burke’s Tour” clothing, and he has toured nearly all 50 states and 17 world countries.
The Tour was initiated by Barry Thompson, a Massachusetts sponsor who is a PACFI member
and Burke’s Honorary Dad.

What is the "Burke's Tour" Book?
Burke’s Tour is also the title of the book by Bob Derr that was published in December of 2006.
The book tells an inspirational story of Burke’s life and how people, businesses, and organizations
are working together to complement Burke’s legacy of love. Burke’s Tour is available through Barnes & Noble,
Borders,, or it can be ordered through your local book store. Signed copies are available
by sending a check for $12 (covers book, tax, mailer, and postage) to Bob Derr, 410 Ninth Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870.
A percentage of proceeds from book sales will go to CF research projects.

Who is the PA Ambassador for Love?
Burke P. Bear was proclaimed “The Pennsylvania Ambassador for Love, Peace, Having Fun,
and Curing Cystic Fibrosis” through a unanimous 199-0 vote by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
in June, 1999. Burke received a Certificate of Merit from the U.S. Congress, a citation from the
Massachusetts State Senate, and Special Recognition from the cities of Lubbock, Texas, and Auburn, Massachusetts.
He was also appointed “Honorary Ambassador for Building Bridges of Light” between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

What Can You Find On The PACFI Website?
The PACFI web site at includes a lot of information about PACFI activities in addition
to information about Burke P. Bear, the “Million Dollar Bear” campaign, and “Burke’s Tour.”

How Are Funding Decisions Made?
Decisions regarding disbursement of campaign funds will be made by getting recommendations from the national
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (see, Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide (see, and
PACFI board members. The PACFI board votes to fund CF research projects based on the recommendations received.

How to Donate to PACFI?
People interested in donating to PACFI, donating to the campaign/tour, hosting Burke P. Bear,
and/or receiving more information can contact PACFI at 1-800-900-2790; by fax at (570) 374-2612;
by email to or by writing to PACFI at P.O. Box 29, Mifflinburg, PA 17844.

Thanks very much for your interest and support!

Bob and Linda Derr, PACFI
(Burke’s Dad and StepMom)


Pennsylvania Cystic Fibrosis Inc • P.O. Box 29 • Mifflinburg, PA 17844 • 1-570-374-2568 • E-mail: