Burke P Bear: Globe-Trotting Ambassador Of Love
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Burke's Million $ Bear Campaign & Tour
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Burke P. Bear Acknowledged...
Burke P. Bear received a Certificate of Merit from the U.S. Congress for his CF work; an Official Citation from the
Massachusetts State Senate for his "tremendous efforts in the battle against cystic fibrosis;" the title of
"Honorary Ambassador for Building Bridges of Light" for his peace efforts in Israel and Palestine;
and Special Recognition certificates from the cities of Auburn, MA, and Lubbock, TX. In addition,
Burke has been photographed with the nation's first Director of Homeland Security and former Pennsylvania governor
Tom Ridge; best-selling author Clive Cussler; and musicians John Tesh and Charlie Daniels.
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Burke P. Bear Named Ambassodor For Love...
Burke P. Bear was proclaimed "The Pennsylvania Ambassador for Love, Peace, Having Fun, and
Curing Cystic Fibrosis" in a unanimous 199-0 vote by the PA House of Representatives in June, 1999.
"Burke's Tour" is taking the traveling ambassador through each state and several world countries.
So far he has visited nearly every state and 17 world countries where he spreads his ambassador's message:
To love each other, to live peacefully, to have fun, and to help cure CF.
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Wonderful Legacy!
Read more about how Burke's spirit continues to reach out to help others,
in an article published in the "Teddy Bear Times".
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Flying and Dreaming with...
From the desk of Bob Derr (Burke P. Bear's dad). A touching story about how Bob's son,
Burke, lives on in the form of Burke P. Bear
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