News & Updates from Million $ Bear Campaign & Burke's Tour

From: Bob & Linda Derr, PACFI
(Burke's Dad and StepMom)

What Is The Million $ Bear Campaign

The Million $ Bear Campaign involves Burke P. Bear touching millions of lives
throughout the United States and world countries and raising
millions of dollars for cystic fibrosis (CF) research.


"Burke's Tour" Book
Burke’s Tour is also the title of a book published in Decembr of 2006 and was written by Bob Derr.
The book tells an inspirational story of Burke’s life and how people, businesses, and organizations
are working together to complement Burke’s legacy of love. We have done several “book and bear”
signings at Boyds retailers and bookstores in central Pennsylvania. The book is available through
Barnes & Noble, Borders,, or it can be ordered through your local book store. 

Signed copies are available by sending a check for $12 (covers book, tax, mailer, and postage) to
Bob Derr, 410 Ninth Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. A percentage of proceeds from book sales will
go to CF research projects.

Unsigned copies are available in paperback or e-Book versions!
Click Here to order the book online or for more information!




Hosting Burke P. Bear involves contacting PACFI (call our 800 number or email
to say “hey, I’d like to host Burke for a few days.”

All we ask is that you take a few photos of Burke at area landmarks and send him home when his visit is complete.

Previous hosts took Burke to schools, hospitals, Boyds retailers, sporting events –
whatever the host wants to do is fine with us.

Usually there’s no time limit for a visit – some hosts keep Burke for a few days and some for a few weeks.

We always encourage the option of contacting the host’s local newspaper(s)
because it increases an awareness of cystic fibrosis and Burke’s mission to help delete the disease.

One caution: Burke loves Jif peanut butter, sharp cheese, and chicken fingers,
so be careful if you have these items in your house and they start to disappear.



14 year-old Ashlee Rudolf stands in a field of North Dakota sunflowers with Burke P. Bear.
Ashlee's family hosted Burke P. Bear in North Dakota.


States Burke Has Not Visited As Of August 2009
Burke P. Bear has not visited Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island,
South Dakota, and Vermont. Please contact PACFI if you are interested in hosting a Burke
visit to one of these states.

World Countries That Burke Has Visited

Burke P. Bear has had the opportunity to visit various world countries, including Thailand, Australia, Nepal,
Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Dubai, Russia, Greece, United Kingdom, Georgia, India, Hungary, Austria, Germany,
Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, Israel, Brazil and Serbia.




Pennsylvania Cystic Fibrosis Inc • P.O. Box 29 • Mifflinburg, PA 17844 • 1-570-374-2568 • E-mail: